Full Metal Panic! -the Second Raid

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Full Metal Panic! -the Second Raid

Post by hitori » Sun May 29, 2005 2:10 am

The third season of Full Metal Panic! is to be aired.
There is a Episode 0 out as a preview.
Should be able to find it in variety of places.

I've made a screen capture gallery for those who want a preview.


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Post by 2000YearsOldMan » Sun May 29, 2005 5:25 pm

Wahhh, I am not a big fan of the Fullmetal panic, but that picture you posted, is really good.
This series anime remaind me alot of Patlabor, but Patlabor design looks cooler.
I wish they come out a new Patlabor movie.
original gundam series rule.
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Post by Falk » Sun May 29, 2005 5:53 pm

Ha great, and Chidori is still there, ouf ! She wasn't on the first designs I saw about the serie.

I relatively liked the first one, though I thought the alternance of funny moments and "true-war" moments (involving the death of second plan characters) was a bit weird.

The second serie on the other hand was amazing, it was just lacking the mechas :wink:

We'll see how this one looks.
Thanks for the gallery
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