Mospeada's Lack of Success

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Mospeada's Lack of Success

Post by Tachyon » Sun Oct 02, 2011 7:03 pm

I've been reading the materials I have on Mospeada today trying to come up with the text to introduce the section for Gears Online. It only ran for 25 episodes and never got a movie follow-up so a person can say it wasn't a success. It wasn't a total flop (Galvion got its plug pulled suddenly after 22 episodes) either.

For years people have been discussing why it failed. We often hear that it had a bad time slot on Sunday morning. Producer Kyoutarou Kimura said in an interview that the average viewer rate was 4.7%. The show right before it got 20%. The show right after it got 25%. The Japanese public were watching television on Sunday morning but they weren't watching Mospeada. I think Mospeada had a time slot that was bad for the kind of show it was. A weekday afternoon time slot would have helped it.

I also agree with the staff members (quoted in the DVD insert of the North American release by ADV) who said the show was dense with sci-fi themes that were difficult for the general public to grasp (especially back in 1983) and the show had a mature, melancholy air that didn't suit a young audience.

The final verdict? I think the 3 contributing causes of bad time slot (for a sci-fi adventure show), true sci-fi ideas and slow pacing/lack of energetic storytelling caused the lack of success. I also agree with the staff members who observed that Mospeada is a gem appreciated by true sci-fi fans.
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