Seirei Hatta Rayblade?

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Seirei Hatta Rayblade?

Post by Kuruni » Mon Jan 29, 2007 1:55 pm

Geez, I touch the game long ago (it was release back in 1999). It's Winkysoft's own adaption of Cybuster in contrast to Banpresto's crappy Panzer Warfare.

I will skip long rant about the game, lets say that it has very cool mech. Similar to Cybuster's Masouki, but with more mechanical look. Check the character & mecha page (for those who can't read Japaneese, click any link on right side). The top two are main character' smech, Zephon and Rayblade. And CG Gallery, I bet most of us here would love Rayblade's design. The game spawn a sequel and surprisely, anime movie?

Lets say I suddenly have nolstagia, anyone else have more material on this fine series?
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Post by Newton » Mon Jan 29, 2007 6:57 pm


Thanks for pointing us toward the Rayblade site! You pegged me - I'd love to have a mech like the Rayblade!

Right now, I want to find a copy of the Rayblade Special Edition book. The lineart sample they show is gorgeous! I guess it's time to start shopping around...^_^

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