Blue Chikyuu SOS -- This is So DAMN COOL!

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Blue Chikyuu SOS -- This is So DAMN COOL!

Post by Newton » Fri Aug 04, 2006 7:25 pm

OK, what if there were a show that was a cross between "Jonny Quest" and "Chikyuu Boeigun", with a little Giant Robo thrown in?

Well there is, and it's called Blue Earth SOS! I just watched episode 1 - it ROCKS! For all those who know Jonny Quest, let's just say that Jonny and Hadji are both super-scientists, and Race Bannon is a woman. Jonny and Hadji go through "The X-Files" for awhile, until they find that The Truth Is Out There. Then they find that they're not the only ones who know The Truth - there's a whole secret organization dedicated to getting to the bottome of The Truth, and putting a stop to it.

All this is set in an alternate past where we solved the problems of war, disease and hatred long ago, and it's the shining "Year 2000" we were always promised but still have yet to get.

DONT' MISS THIS ONE, FOLKS-- it's fansubbed, and available at Tokyo Toshokan. GO GET IT!!!


Post by TSP » Wed Aug 30, 2006 3:08 pm

This is what I've been waiting for . Reminds me on the good old Gerry Anderson shows mixed up with Atragon and other 60's japanese sci-fi movies. A bit like "The big O" without the Megadeus'. I'm looking forward to upcomming episodes. Even the Soundtrack is 60's.

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