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Nightmare of Solomon

Post by Nightmare of Solomon » Wed Aug 09, 2006 8:14 pm

in responce to a question regarding Yamato 2520-

I've seen about 90% of the first OAV- In the early days of Anime Expo, the con would sponsor an anime cable channel available via the hotels cable system- 3 days of non-stop Anime!! (all in straight Japanese, but hey!)

Saturday, in the wee hours of the morning, Yamato 2520 began- the pre-OAV -episode zero aired first- the scenes with the space battles were very dynamic for anime of the time- the episode itself was not bad, I particularly like the local version of "Chicken".

Since the human's planet had been subjegated, the Alien fleet maintained a blockade, any ship or aircraft rising above a certain altitude would be fired upon- The local gang-boys would race "Begger's Canyon" style in homemade hover speeders then pull into a vertical climb- who-ever stopped climbing first- was the loser. Of course, if you pushed your courage too far, you got blown up.

Unfortunately, I've never seen the end of the first episode, AX chose to start another feature, whose director was a guest of honor that year, Exactly on time at seven in the morning- cutting of the last ten minutes or so of the OAV-

What little I saw was promising- but it difered too much from the classic Yamato look and universe and aparently was never very popular


Post by superdupont » Mon Aug 14, 2006 11:05 pm

Yamato 2520... I've seen the 1st episode, although in Japanese. Well, I guess it could have been a decent anime, but the "Yamato" branding was too heavy a burden to carry. It's just too much different from the original story and style to please the original fans. That said, I love Syd Mead's designs and his Yamato design is one of my favorite spaceships.

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