Your top 10 favorite Mecha suits-

Mazinger, Raideen, Getter Robo and so many others

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Your top 10 favorite Mecha suits-

Post by MechaCreator » Mon Nov 12, 2007 6:03 pm

What are your favorite / personal top 10 best mecha suits?

Mine are:

1.) RX-178 (Gundam)
2.) The Varia suit (Metroid)
3.) The Talgeese (Spelling off, I know)
4.) The Zaku
5.) The Appleseed mecha - all of them equally
6.) Robot Jox - The ?Russian? Final Robo
7.) EVA-02
8.) Metal Gear - Ray
9.) Vandread
10.) GM-Sniper

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Mr March
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Post by Mr March » Mon Nov 12, 2007 7:47 pm

It'd be very hard to select an absolute final list of mecha favorites that stays the same for all time. But here's a list of my favorites right now in roughly the order of preference:
  • VF-1J Valkyrie plus Armored mode from Super Dimension Fortress Macross (anime series)
  • T-800 from The Terminator (film series)
  • AV-98 Ingram Patlabor from Mobile Police Patlabor (anime series)
  • RX78NT-1 Gundam Alex plus Armored mode from Mobile Suit gundam 00800 War in the Pocket (anime series)
  • Spartan-II Mjolnir Power Assault Armor from Halo (video game series)
  • Evangelion Unit 00 (Blue) from Neon Genesis Evangelion (anime series)
  • Timber Wolf/Mad Cat BattleMech from Battletech (table top/video game series)
  • Powered Combat Suit from Starcraft (video game series)
  • Enforcement Droid Series 209 from Robocop (film)
  • AT-ST from Star Wars (films series)

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Nu Soard Graphite
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Post by Nu Soard Graphite » Tue May 06, 2008 9:31 pm

1: Dangaio (very beautiful design. Has yet to be surpassed IMO Kawamori is king!)
2: Just about anything from FSS (esp Speed Mirage, Engage SR-1, Empress Flame, Mighty Series, Bangdoll, Kan, Engage SR-3, MM: Yen Xing, MM: Auge...oh heck, most of them!)
3: V-2: Buster/Assault (thats a fine looking Gundam)
4: VF2SS Valkyrie II
5: YF22 (Macross Plus)
6: Nu Gundam RX-93
7: Motoslave BGC
8: Landmate
9: Go Lion (I wish they would re-make this anime and do a modern interpretation of Go Lion....I think it would be gorgeous. I just like the idea of 5 Lion mecha that combine into a superobot)
10: Gravion.

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Post by Tachyon » Wed May 07, 2008 12:45 pm

Excellent choices. Your mechanical aesthetic is much to be admired.
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Post by Kuruni » Sat May 10, 2008 8:15 am

My list change periodly :wink: . But for this moment...

1.Cybuster (Lord of the Elemental)
2.RX-93-nu-2 Hi-Nu Gundam (Beltochika's Children)
3.Vic Viper (ZOE2)
4.PTX-015 Wild Wueger (SRW)
5.MBV-747A Temjin 747 (Virtual On Force)
6.Rayblade (Seireki Rayblade)
7.RGC-034 Rathangriff (SRW)
8.MSN-06S Sinanju (Gundam Unicorn)
9.Sirbine (Dunbine OVA)
10.Promaxis (Galient)
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