June 20th Info

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June 20th Info

Post by Tachyon » Tue Jun 20, 2006 4:10 pm

This minor update will give some information on how Gears Online is doing for those who are interested. If you have any questions or want to get involved in something, just let me know.

The images for the Gundam Gaia Gear section are finished. I’d like to thank Newton Ewell for all his help getting that section going. He submitted many rare, high-resolution images that I didn’t even know existed.

As I look at what comes next I feel I’d like some time to putter around. I’m cleaning up some line art for a surprise section. A small Quo Vadis section is not far away. MAHQ has requested Mospeada images and I have some material I can contribute (which, of course, will also appear on Gears Online). After that it’s on to Orguss and Gall Force.

I haven’t given up on Super Robot Wars. I have so much material for it now it’s actually staggering. However, I won’t dive into it until I have a profile writer to work with.

The Five Star Stories section is taking a little rest now. Nu Soard is taking care of some matters of his own and when he returns to active duty I’ll be there to work with him.

According to Google’s documentation, the last week of this month should be when Gears receives its first payment from the advertisements.

I have been playing around with Google Analytics’ beta software. After gathering data for a week from the front page and Designers Page I can share the following:

Top 10 Nations that visit Gears Online
U.S. 542
Canada 126
France 79
Japan 67
UK 46
Australia 26
Spain 26
Malaysia 24
South Korea 24
Italy 20

Top 5 Cities that visit Gears Online
Paris 48
Singapore 20
Clinton Township, MI 17
Baltimore, MD 16
Tokyo 16
If you don't like the news then go make some of your own.

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